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The University of Otago Rugby Football Club is the student Club; it is an affiliated club of OUSA, and exists to provide rugby-playing opportunities to the young men and women of the University. Only students and former students may play for the Club. It is the pre-eminent rugby club in Dunedin, although this was not always so; see the page on the history of the Club.

Students may play for any club in Dunedin, but the University Club is the natural choice. Students who play rugby, maximise their enjoyment and their chances of realising their potential by playing for the student Club.

While most students play, purely and simply, for the challenge, thrill, and exhilaration of playing the game, many Varsity players over the years have achieved higher representation; more than 500 Varsity men and women have played for Otago at senior level. Sixty-nine Varsity A players have gone on to become All Blacks, with 45 of these men first donning the black jersey while still playing for the club and 13 Varsity women have been selected as Black Ferns while playing for the Club, a record which no other club in New Zealand can match. The University Club has aptly been described as "the nursery" for All Blacks.

Rugby is about much more than on-the-field activities. Several universities around the world have as their motto: "Mens sana in corpore sano", a healthy mind in a healthy body (the motto of the University of Otago is: "Sapere aude", dare to be wise); in playing rugby, manly and womanly virtues of courage, steadfastness, perseverance and loyalty are encouraged and nurtured. Teamwork and unselfishness are fostered, and strong bonds are formed between team members and Club members. Of crucial importance in the life of the Club is the Aftermatch, where comradeship and fellowship are developed, and friendships which last for life are formed.

The University Club is unique in that most players end their playing days as members of other clubs. Most students are here for three, or four, or five years, and then pursue their chosen careers elsewhere in New Zealand, or elsewhere in the world. This natural progression means that unique opportunities for rugby advancement exist; the long-standing tradition in the University Club (although the old mould is frequently broken these days) is for a player to play colts rugby in his first year, to play in the senior reserve grade in his second year, and to play in the senior grade (the names of the grades keep changing) in his third and subsequent years. In the course of these three years he experiences steady and progressive development as a player, as his body reaches maturity. Similar developmental opportunities exist for women players, for similar reasons.

In 2009, the Club will field at least two colts teams (the Blues, who have a proud and enviable record in the colts grade, and the Golds); Varsity B will play in the Premier 2 grade, and Varsity A will play in the Premier 1 grade. The Club will field a team in the women's competition, the Womens Blues, also a very successful team over its 14 years of existence, and one or more further teams as numbers require.

For many years of its life, the Club operated without Clubrooms. In 1977, a Clubroom, the 'Arnold Perry Room' was developed under the stand at the University Oval, and served the Club for 32 years. The Arnold Perry Room was demolished in 2003 when the ground and the grandstand were redeveloped by the University and the Dunedin City Council. The Club, at that time, developed its new Clubrooms in the annex at the rear of the grandstand. The new Clubrooms are the finest in Dunedin, and deserve and require to throb with activity after every round of club matches this and every season.

  • Clubroom view 1
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The home ground of the University Rugby Club is the University Oval (known formally as the No. 1 Ground, since there are several grounds within the precincts of the grandstand and the changing rooms which it houses). The University Oval is an idyllic setting, and is arguably the finest ground in New Zealand for club rugby.

Outside clubroom artist view

Outside clubroom artist view

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