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Light Blues Association and its formation

Who are the Light Blues?

The Light Blues are an Association set up in 1960, for anyone who has played Otago Varsity Rugby, or watched it, or been interested in it, or supported it

Who can belong to the Light Blues?

The greater majority of the members are ex players: but anyone can apply to join and show their support for the spirit created by Varsity Rugby and take part in our events.

How do you join the Light Blues?

The cost is minimal - $100 life subscription.

We also run the “100 Club” – members who contribute $10 per month to help the Otago University Rugby Foundation fund scholarships.

Current activities of the Light Blues

  • We gather to have lunch or an evening dinner around New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch so far).
  • We hold celebratory gatherings of squads from previous years – recently the Blues from the late 1980’s.
  • We actively support the playing club: through the “100 club” and other contributions when funds allow.

Previous activities of the Light Blues.

  • The new clubroom cost $m1 to build and furnish. The Light Blues raised over $700000 in the clubroom appeal towards this cost.
  • The Light Blues have collected all of the “A” team photos over the 130 years of the club’s playing history, for a display cabinet in the clubroom.
  • We have helped with travel grants each year to play other Universities.
  • The Light Blues have assisted in arranging celebrations at turning points – 100 years and 125 years. The latter was attended by over 400 people.
  • We support the Otago University Rugby Foundation, which helps with scholarships for promising young students to play for the club.

Prominent members

Range from players like David Kirk, Chris Laidlaw, Earl Kirton to administrators like John Barsby (who coached the B’s when they beat the A’s), Keith Williamson our man in Wellington assisted by “iron man” Simon Tyler (Keith was the Old Fox, whose name was listed on the bench when the B’s were short, as “T.O.Fox”), Paddy Finnegan in Auckland , and many more.

Founders and Fosterers

The Light Blues were inspired by Abe Munro (All Black with Invincibles), Harold Service (31 years on the Light Blues Committee), and Hugh Tohill (who spent hours in the Hocken creating a year by year list of everyone he could find associated with the playing club, ending up with over 18000 entries).

Join us and be part of the ongoing success of our Varsity Rugby Club